Alfred Lord Tennyson, letter to Edward Lear, 8 June 1855

In response to an invitation from Lear to ‘go up the Nile quietly’ while looking at his paintings of Egyptian sunsets, Alfred answered that he ‘of course, should be happy to make friends with the Nile’. He made regular visits to Lear’s studios whenever he was in London, often remarking on his ‘very fine’ pictures.

My dear Lear, 

              I ought to have told you that I am engaged for Wednesday & Thursday next week. Don't bore yourself to give a dinner. I love you all, as well, undined. 

              I was engaged before I wrote to Weld for [Wednesday] & I called on Carlyle last night & gave him (as perhaps  I  ought not to have done)  a promise to dine with him on Thursday.

              If wrong, pray – let me be forgiven.  &

                                                                              Yours always


              I am going to P.H. today.